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Burgess Hill School For Girls -
The Media Coverage

9th February 2008

On Monday, we closed our report on the Burgess Hill School for Girls video with the line
"Just imagine if a media outlet were to pick up on this story.... "

Well, as it turns out, many media outlets picked up on the story and the news didn't just spread locally, but NATIONALLY!

6th February 2008 -The Argus Website
Probe as schoolgirls turn air blue with internet video

7th February 2008 - Bright 106.4fm
School Headmistress on Bright 106.4 FM

7th February 2008 - The Sun Website
Girls Probed Over Rude Vid

Mid Sussex Leader7th February 2008 -
The Mid Sussex Leader Newspaper
Pupils' Rude Video On Web

The Sun 8th February 2008 -
The Sun Newspaper
Girls, It's Net Very Lady Like
- Posh School YouTube Rant

Quite a list of reports there, but as you will know, it was Burgess Hill Uncovered that broke the story days before the rest with our report titled 'The Benefits of Private Education'
Sadly, the media didn't mention Burgess Hill Uncovered, althought Bright FM did reference 'A local website'.

Is this the end of the coverage? We'll all have to wait and see!

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