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The Benefits Of Private Education

4th February 2008

The reputation of Burgess Hill School for Girls has been dented this weekend courtesy of their own pupils.

The private educational establishment in town is regarded by those with money as the best place for their little darlings to turn into respectable, highly-educated ladies.

However, people may wish to change their preconceptions of the school, this is thanks to some pupils that decided to upload a file to the video sharing website youtube.com

The video, titled 'Life in the classroom' features pupils reeling off the various slang words for the female genetalia.

The YouTube video was once here.

Now, if this really is what 'Life in the classroom' is all about, then those parents paying a high premium to have their daughters educated at a private school should withdraw their children immediately and request a refund! You'd expect this sort of language to come from the mouths of state school pupils, not a private school.

Making this video available for public consumption was obviously a huge error of judgement. Not the sort of mistake that you'd expect privately educated girls to make. Evidently they had not considered the damage that this video could do to the school's reputation.

Just imagine if a media outlet were to pick up on this story....

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