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burgess hill cricket clubBurgess Hill Cricket Club Pavilion Burgled Two Nights In A Row

6th June 2017
by Peter Chapman

Burgess Hill Cricket Club have been left angered after their pavilion in St Johns Park was burgled two nights in a row last week.

The break-ins occurred overnight on Thursday and Friday. A large quantity of drinks and snacks were stolen along with a laptop used for scoring and an iPad to operate the till.

Both times the thieves broke in via windows on the eastern side of the building opposite the tennis courts.

On Thursday the thieves entered via the kitchen window - which was subsequently boarded up by the council the following day. On the Friday night the thieves broke another window to gain access to the main hall. They then damaged expensive shutters around the bar to gain access to the goods.

The cricket club were featured on Burgess Hill Uncovered six weeks ago after their practice nets had been vandalised. These latest burglaries have increased the need for CCTV to be installed in the park - which had been announced two years go but still haven't materialised.

Matt Charman from Burgess Hill Cricket Club said:

We at Burgess Hill Cricket Club are so incredibly disappointed to be badly affected twice by burglary in two days costing the club a great deal in lost revenue and in damages.

We are a self-funded community sports club providing sport to hundreds of local residents. Given the pointless damage to our nets recently as well, it's clear that CCTV across St Johns Park to protect all users and property cannot come quickly enough.

We hope that Mid Sussex Council act quickly to combat anti-social crime in Burgess Hill.'

The pavilion is owned by Mid Sussex District Council and is leased to the cricket club and a local playgroup.

Regarding the robberies, a MSDC spokesperson said:

As soon as the break in at the Pavilion in St John’s Park was noticed the building was made secure and plans were put in place for necessary repairs. The police were aware of the incident shortly after it happened and we also informed our Anti-Social Behaviour Co-ordinator who works with the local Neighbourhood Policing Team.

We are in contact with Burgess Hill Cricket Club regarding the pavilion and their use of it.  We will ensure that they are aware of their responsibilities in relation to the security of the building.

If you have any information about the break-ins, then please contact Burgess Hill Cricket Club via burgesshillcc@gmail.com

Spread the word, Burgess Hill Cricket Club have been robbed twice and are seeking information.

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