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martlets hall burgess hillCouncil Decide That The Doomed Martlets Hall
Will NOT Be Replaced
11th November 2014
by Peter Chapman

At a town council meeting last night it was revealed that there are no plans to replace the Martlets Hall when it's demolished for retail development.

Last week we told you the council were planning on buying the Royal British Legion building on Cyprus Road. This was confirmed by Burgess Hill town council on monday. However, the council want to use it as a community building and not part of a bigger plot to build a new entertainments complex.

How can a town the size of Burgess Hill be left without an entertainments venue? Many shows, concerts, conferences, exhibitions and the annual pantomime all take place there. It's utter madness.

Freedom Of Information Requests
Based on information supplied to us, we've submitted an FOI request to Mid Sussex District Council. We've asked for: all reports, studies, minutes,memoranda and notes relating to any plans for the replacement,retention or demolition of the Martlets Hall and likewise any ofthe same which show that the Martlets Hall need not be retained or replaced. Time period - last 5 years . MSDC are very slow to act on FOI requests, so we won't hear back from them until mid-December.

In addition, we've also sent a FOI request to Burgess Hill Town Council regarding their intention to purchase the Royal British Legion: all reports, minutes of council meetings and the business case with regards to the Town Council wanting to purchase the Royal British Legion building on Cyprus Road.

There isn't a single shred of information about it online. If the council are going to use our money to make such a major purchase, we need to know about it and be able to have a say before the contract is signed.

Also, exactly when were Burgess Hill town councillors going to tell the public that we were losing the Martlets Hall?

Accept 6,000 new homes and receive a 500 seater venue?
The news is all the more surpising considering we were promised a modern arts and entertainment venue with seating for 500 people for accepting 6000 new homes in Burgess Hill. Whatever happened to that great deal? We'll tell you more about that tomorrow. It's not good.

Our town council has turned into North Korea

Spread the word, make people aware that the Martlets Hall will not be replaced!

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