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Burgess Hill Town Council
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2011 Burgess Hill Town Council and MSDC Election Results
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The BHU guide to the goings on at Burgess Hill Town Council, Mid Sussex District Council and West Sussex County Council.

It's 2011. Everyone is on the internet these days - seemingly everyone apart from the councillors that we elect to serve us. Local residents are kept in the dark as to whats happening on the various local councils. With both the town and district councils now being dominated by the Conservatives, much will pass unchallenged. The local newspapers give the councils an easy ride, everything is sunny apparently. We here at Burgess Hill Uncovered, along with some well informed locals will do our best to highlight whats really going on.

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Your first port of call for all the latest news and views about the council, you need to head on over to the The Burgess Hill Uncovered Blog.

Freedom of Information Requests
Find out some of the interesting Freedom of information requests made to MSDC

Highlighted Council News and Views
Burgess Hill Election Results

2012 St Andrews By-Election Preview
25th May 2012
We run through the runners and riders for the Town Council By-Election.

Community Toilet Scheme
MSDC's Community Toilet Scheme
17th November 2011
Throwing money at a problem that doesn't exist in Burgess Hill
Burgess Hill Mayor Burgess Hill get a Mayor they didn't choose
29th August 2011
Local residents didn't get to choose who became the town's mayor
Haywards Heath Outdoor Gym Equipment Where's the Burgess Hill leisure money?
6th October 2011
Disproportionate spending by MSDC as Haywards Heath recieve more leisure spending
Burgess Hill Election Results

2011 Local Election Results
5th May 2011
We run through the winners and losers in the keenest fought election in years.

Burgess Hill Green Circle Network BHTC vs The Green Circle Network
4th March 2011
The friends of the Green Circle are not happy with plans to build on green fields.
Traffic Congestion Video

Video exposes phony traffic survey
21st February 2011
BHU film the traffic at Chanctonbury Road to disprove WSCC's findings.

Woodlands Meed Special School

WSCC screw the people of Burgess Hill
18th December 2010
The Burgess Hill Special School is approved in the face of fierce opposition

Johnathon ash edwards and Emily White
The Mid-Sussex power couple in waiting
30th September 2011
Close family ties on local council proves very unhealthy for local democracy
Burgess Hill Mayor Burgess Hill Mayor - This Stinks of Arrogance
29th August 2011
Its not just Burgess Hill Uncovered that's fuming about the new Mayor. Read this cracking letter!
Conservative Election Numbers Conservatives fudge the numbers
13th July 2011
Conservatives get creative with the numbers to exaggerate their dominance on BHTC
Mid Sussex District Council money waste

Mid Sussex District Council waste £300k
27th June 2010
Mid Sussex District Council have wasted £300 on a very dubious loan agreement,

Triangle Leisure Centre

New facility at the Triangle proposed
23rd February 2011
District Councillors from all across the district announce what THEY want. What about Us?

Burgess Hill Recycling and Refuse

Audio: District Councillor on BBC Sussex making bin collection excuses
15th January 2010
Publicty Pru Moore takes to the airwaves

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