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Burgess Hill Local Council News -
St Andrews Ward By-Election May 2012

On Thursday May 31st, residents of St Andrews ward will have the opportunity to vote for a new Town Councillor following the resignation of the Conservative's Adrian White

Link: Official statement of persons nominated

With less than a week to go, Burgess Hill Uncovered are taking a look at candidates and assessing their chances.

The Candidates

Jeremy Catharine - Conservative Party
Believed to be the husband of Councillor Cherry Catherine, it would be a total disaster if Jeremy were to also get a seat. It sucks when family members serve in local government together. Too much power. Look at the Thomas-Atkins.

Jeremy was a candidate in the St Andrews Ward for a seat on the district council back in 2011. He was beaten.... soundly!

With that in mind, we confidently predict that Jeremy has about as much chance of winning as what Burgess Hill Uncovered do of being invited to the Mayor's next civic dinner.....ZERO!

**WANTED!** Election literature for Jeremy Catherarine and the Conservative Party
(So it can be laughed at!)

Chance of Victory
- One Billion/1


Roger Cartwright - Liberal Democrats
Back in 2011, Roger was a candidate in the Victoria Ward where he scandalously lost out to ANSTY's Emily White (Conservative) by just 21 votes.

The Meeds Ward North by-election showed that the Lib Dems can still get votes (20% vs Conservative's 21%) despite their poor reputation nationally. Given that Jeremy Catharine is a failed candidate previously in the St Andrews ward then Roger must have a great change of victory here.

Documents: You can read Roger Cartwright's election literature here

Chance of Victory
- 5/2


David Andrews - Labour Party

Labour will be buoyed by their victory in the Meeds North by-election at the start of May and if the residents of St Andrews Ward are aware of the victory then they could also change their usual election habbits and vote Labour en-mass.

You may not have spotted the obvious, but David's sirname is Andrews! Let's declare him the winner right now shall we?

Documents: You can read David Andrews' election literature here

Chance of Victory - 3/1


Kevin Walker - U.K Independence Party

UKIP's representative in this election is Kevin Walker. Yet another from the 2011 Victoria Ward election!

With growing numbers of support both nationally and locally, UKIP had 16% of the vote in the Meeds North by-election. Another strong showing in the St Andrews Wards will show they are a party to be taken seriously in Burgess Hill going forward.

Documents: You can read Kevin Walker's election literature here

Chance of Victory - 6/1


Vicki Grimmitt - Green Party
A loser (in the nicest possible way) in the 2011 local election when she stood in the Victoria Ward, Vicki was screwed out of a chance for Victory thanks to the Conservative's shipping in a young female candidate from Ansty without bothering the tell the electorate the truth.

Vicki is unlikely to win here, but don't be surprised if she gains a decent share of the vote. Vicki gets an extra thumbs up as she posts on our Facebook page!

**WANTED!** Election literature for Vicki Grimmitt and the Green Party

Chance of Victory
- 15/1


Malcolm Wenban-
Unless Malcolm is a Burgess Hill Celebrity that we don't know about, or has an amazing election gimmick, then really he doesn't stand much of a chance.

Well done for standing as an independent candidate Mr Wenban. Sadly, unless you're under the banner of a political party the voters won't give you much consideration. (Stupid voters!)

**WANTED!** Election literature for Malcolm Wenban

Chance of Victory
- 50/1


Readers Poll...

Regardless if you live in the St Andrews Ward or not, please take part in our poll and vote for who you would LIKE to win.

It's a political story, you don't even need asking to leave a comment below on this one as you just will!
Who's going to win? Who has the best election literature? Are there any lies contained within them? Does an independent candidate have a chance? Let the mud slinging commence!!!

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