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2011 Burgess Hill Town Council and MSDC Election Results
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2011 Burgess Hill Town Council and Mid Sussex District Council - Election Results

On May 5th 2011 Burgess Hill residents flocked to the polling stations in their thousands, voting for the candidates they'd like to see represent their ward on the Burgess Hill Town Council and Mid Sussex District Council. The polling stations have closed, your votes have been counted and here at the results!

Mid Sussex District Council
The Conservatives retained their control on the district council, increasing their number of seats from 31 to a whopping 45, the Liber Democrats lost 13 seats and now have just 8. The Labour Party retained their one seat at the Bentswood ward in Haywards Heath.

There are 12 District Council seats for Burgess Hill. The Conservatives won 9 with the Liberal Democrats taking just 3.

Dunstall Ward - Andrew Barrett-Miles (Con) Jacqui Landriani (Con)
Franklands Ward
- Ginny Heard (Con) Ian Simpson (Con)

Leylands Ward - Catharine Cherry (Con) Pru Moore ( Con)
Meeds Ward
- Kathleen Dumbovic (Lib) Anne Jones (Con)

St Andrews Ward - Dennis Jones (Lib) Graham Knight (Lib)
Victoria Ward - Mandy Thomas Atkin (Con) Emily White (All Cons)

Full Result - http://www.midsussex.gov.uk/page.cfm?pageID=9292

Burgess Hill Town Council
The town council is now made up of 15 Conservative Councillors and just 3 Liberal Democrats.

Dunstall Ward -
Wendy Agate, Andrew Barrett-Miles, Jacqui Landriani (All Cons)
Franklands Ward
- Claire Fussell, Ian Simpson, Julian Thorpe (All Cons)

Leylands Ward - Peter Barton (Lib), Catharine Cherry (Con), Pru Moore (Cons)
Meeds North Ward
- Neil Lawrence (Con)

Meeds South Ward - Janice Henwood (Lib Dem) Anne Jones (Con)
St Andrews Ward - Dennis Jones (Lib), Kirsty Page (Con), Adrian White (Cons)
Victoria Ward - Steve Hansford, Chris Thomas Atkin, Emily White (All Cons)

Comment, Comment, Comment!
What do you make of the results? Are you surprised? Will debate on the Town Council now be dead? Why did so many candidates with great records in the community get snubbed in favour of the Conservatives? So many questions, do you have the answers?

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