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Proposed Martlets Hall Replacement Is Still £2 Million Short From Happening & Has No Planning Permission

30th April 2019 | By Peter Chapman

Mr BHU must live in another town called Burgess Hill compared to the one that a certain political party live.

Communications being sent out during these local elections and written online are stating that Burgess Hill is getting a new Performing Arts and Community centre.

Oh really? So the council have the cash to do so have they? NO THEY DO NOT!!!

Burgess Hill Town Council's proposal to replace the Martlets Hall with a SMALLER venue seating just 230 people is going to cost £5.5 million to build.

So far BHTC have £500k from council reserves and £3m from a public works board loan (being paid for by us) The project is still £2 MILLION SHORT.

If BHTC cannot raise the money, then the venue will not go ahead. They have hired a professional fundraiser at a cost of tens of thousands of pounds to use to find the other £2 million.

In addition, there is currently no planning permission in place to build a replacement Martlets Hall on the site of the current Royal British Legion Building on Cyprus Road. It may not even get granted.

And finally...
Remember just, before in the 2015 elections, we were told by the Conservatives that nothing was happening with the Martlets Hall. At the very next Distict Council meeting following the elections they gave it away to a private developer for free.

What horrors await us following these elections?
Don't be fooled again!

Spread the word! The Council don't actually have the fund to replace the Martlets Hall

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What's your reaction to the proposed Martlets Hall replacement being £2 million short and thus may not actually ever be built?

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