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Public Concern Over Massive Erection In Local Park

13th November 2018 | By Peter Chapman

No, this isn't another story about inappropriate behaviour in St Johns Park, it's actually about a proposed 6.9 metre multi-play tower which could form part of the revamped children's play area at the World's End Recreation Ground at Janes Lane.

271 and a half inches of joy -
This is the play tower that could soon be installed at World's End Recreation Ground. It features: 5 platforms, a 1.37 high climbing wall, a Fireman's pole, a play porthole and two slides, one which is 2.37 metres in length, the other is 4.17 metres.

Speaking about the massive erection at Monday evening's town council planning meeting, Cllr Christine Cherry said:
Some might consider this a blot on the landscape. This will be appropriate for older children, a bit more of a challenge for them. As much as I think 'mmmm, it won't be the prettiest' I won't be using it, but I can see that it will be really exciting.

Cllr Christine Cherry revealed that she doesn't think this erection will be the prettiest.

The planning committee failed to address the objections raised by local residents. Had they even looked at the related documents?

Local residents Mr and Mrs Cole of Junction Road wrote to the District Council to raise an objection. They stated:
In our opinion, not only would such a tall structure (around the height of a two storey building) be completely out of keeping with the local area, it will also destroy whatever privacy we and our current neighbours at 166, 164a, 164b 162, 160 and our future neighbours at whatever building eventually replaces Manor Court have.

Such a structure would, without a doubt, offer clear views not only into our gardens but also our ground and first floor windows, which is a totally unacceptable situation.

The houses on Junction Road which may have reduced privacy when the 6.9 metre play tower is installed

The District Council's design and access statement says:
The new play area will be extended to be larger than the existing fenced area and should comfortably allow 95 users to play together at the same time. The main tower unit, some 6.9m high has been positioned at the furthest point away from residential properties as is possible within the newly extended play area. Orientation of the unit and the panels will restrict views out to the west to eliminate the risk of overlooking into neighbouring properties.

The full planning application for the revamped park at World's End Recreation Ground will go in front of one of the District Council's planning committees for a decision in due course.

We will bring you that decision when it's been announced.

If you'd like to see the detailed plans, look up planning reference: DM/18/4122 on the MSDC planning portal here

Spread the word, a giant 6.9 metre play tower will form part of the revamped World' End Recreation Ground's children's play area if it receives planning permission.

Got an opinion on this story? Leave a comment below.....
Do you think that a 6.9 metre play tower is in keeping with the loca area? Is such a tall structre safe for children to play on? You thoughts please!

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