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Free Fruit & Water Handed Out In Burgess Hill Town Centre To Promote Healthy Eating

29th August 2018 | By Peter Chapman

Shoppers in Burgess Hill Town Centre were being offered free fruit and water on Sunday by members of a Burgess Hill Slimming World group.

The gesture was the idea of Group Supervisor Francesca Stone.
"We just wanted to do something nice for the community and to raise awareness of healthy eating. Fruit is quite expensive, so if we're giving some away, at least people are getting one of their five a day in!" she said

"People think its really strange that we're giving away fruit, they think there's an ulterior motive behind it, but we've had some really good reactions when they've found out that it is actually for free."

As well as various fruit, it was planned to give away bottles of water to keep people hydrated in the heat. It rained on Sunday!

Francesca was joined in her goodwill efforts by Melanie, Slimming World's 'Woman of the year'.

"I'm out here helping because I joined Slimming World in April as I needed to lose weight. I started losing weight straight away, I found it really easy, I lost every single week, didn't put any gains or have any maintains up to the woman of the year awards." Melanie said.

Melanie (left) and group supervisor Francesca Stone

Melanie was voted as the woman of the year by her fellow members. It's based on who had inspired them through their weight loss, their ideas and how they talk at the sessions.

"I lost 4 stone, 5 and a half pounds in 20 weeks. I try to make sure that all the new people join in, I go and speak to them, making them feel welcome.

"I just wanted to be out here, helping to spread the word as I found Slimming World life-changing. It's a different way of eating, I feel so much healthier, I'm not as tired, I get more done in a day, it's been totally life changing for me and my partner whose sort of embraced it on a lesser level. He's lost loads of weight too. So that's why I'm out here today helping to get the word out to people."

For a chance to win a Slimming World hamper, simply email us the answer to the following question:

Which fruit contains the most potassium?
Apples B: Bananas C: Oranges

Please send your answer to: win@burgesshilluncovered.co.uk

The winner will be chosen at random on September 12th.

For more information about Slimming World classes in Burgess Hill, visit their facebook page:

Spread the word! Representatives were giving out free fruit and water to help raise awareness of healthy eating in Burgess Hill

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