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Burgess Hill Town Council Issue Press Release Containing FAKE NEWS

25th June 2018 | By Peter Chapman

One day after Burgess Hill Uncovered published a story ( see here ) on how Burgess Hill Town Council have come up with a way to fund a new community and arts centre, the town council issued a press release containing FAKE NEWS.

The council's press release claimed that some of the cost would be funded by a £3 million government GRANT. This simply is not true.

BHTC - Caught out misleading the public with their latest press release

Burgess Hill Town Council are once again going to apply for a Public Works Board loan worth £5.7 million over 50 years. This is shocking as the public already voted against a loan once, a result which led council leader Pru Moore to announce that the council would not go down the loan route again.

It's likely they used the word 'Grant' as to avoid people complaining that a loan was supposed to be off the table.

Thankfully, your reporter was on the ball and called out the council on their misleading story. They have now issued a correction to all the local media. We can only hope that the original release hasn't already gone to print. They will be a lot of fooled members of the public.

The question now is: Should Burgess Hill Town Council approve a loan application after the public voted against one in a town-wide vote?
Tell us in the comments below

The Martlets Hall - Due to be demolished later this year

Spread the word, Burgess Hill Town Council have issued a fake news press release claiming they are getting a grant and not a loan

Got an opinion on this story? Leave a comment below.....
Do you think the council should apply for a loan after assuring the public they'd not go down this route again after the public voted against paying for a new venue?

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