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APPROVED!!! Papa John's Pizza Get The Green Light For Station Road Relocation

31st May 2018
By Peter Chapman

Papa John's Pizza have finally been given approval to relocate to Station Road after a five month period of jumping through hoops and surviving the constant calls for refusal from Burgess Hill Town Councillors.

Mid Sussex District Council granted permission on Wednesday, just one day after Burgess Hill Town Council repeated their calls for the application to be rejected.

In making her decision, Case Officer Ms Katherine Williams wrote:
...The proposal is considered to be appropriate in terms preserving the character and appearance of the area and would not have a greater impact on the amenities of neighbouring properties than the existing use and would not have a serve impact on the highway.

Therefore the proposal complies with Mid Sussex District Plan policies DP2, DP21, DP26, DP28 and DP29, Burgess Hill Neighbourhood Plan policy TC4, and the relevant provisions of the NPPF. The application is therefore recommended for approval.

Work Starts!
Papa John's are wasting no time in getting their new premises ready as soon as possible. The electricians have already begun work on the shop...

Surprise Decision?
At Tuesday evening's meeting of the Burgess Hill Town Council planning committee, Cllr Richard Cherry (Meeds Ward) repeated his call for the plan to be rejected.

When asked by his fellow councillor Christopher Thomas-Atkin if he had 'called in' the application in order for the decision to be made by the MSDC planning committee and not just one officer, Cllr Cherry revealed that he had missed the deadline, but he said the planning officer was essentially against the application anyway. It was an odd comment as the documentaton read by your reporter during this case was that she was very open to giving Papa John's the green light.

We're sure affected local residents won't be happy with their councillor 'sleeping on the job' so to speak and not calling in the application. The full committee may have come to a different verdict.

Congratulations to Papa John's. It's great news for the employees.

Spread the word, Papa John's have been given approval to relocate within Burgess Hill

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Do you think the right decision was reached by allowing Papa John's to relocate to Station Road?

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