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REVEALED - The Winning Branding Design For Burgess Hill

12th November 2017 | By Peter Chapman

The votes have been counted and the result is in. The chosen brand design from the four presented by MSDC's £50k+ consultancy firm is.....

bugress hill branding logo
Source: BurgessHill.net

Surprisingly there were only 947 votes cast, this despite Social Communcations having three members of staff outside Tesco and another two further days positioned in the town centre to encourage feedback and votes. This total vote represents less than 3% of Burgess Hill's population.

burgess hill branding logo

The 'garden centre' logo has been chosen, although interestingly the website states that work will now continue in developing the design further.

Maybe they saw the edited design by Carl Tidy which was proving to be the real people's favourite and will actually adopt that instead. We can't possibly put the picture directly on this page, but you can click this link to see what Carl came up with!

Spread the word! The new branding design for Burgess Hill has been chosen

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