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Residents Vent Their Anger Over Disruptive Virgin Media Installation Works

9th November 2017 | By Peter Chapman

Complaints are growing against the work being carried by contractors on behalf of Virgin Media as their fibre cabling is rolled out across the town.

From phone lines being cut through, to driveways being completely blocked, work commencing far too early in the morning, dirt being swept down the drains, pavements completely ruined with unsightly repair jobs, access being severely restricted due to barriers being erected, and poor customer service when people contact Virgin Media's helpline. People really are not happy.

Local resident Paul Cooksley described it best:

This is what a typical pavement now looks like in the town, post-installation...

We were told that Virgin Media did run a public information session at a local community centre, but Burgess Hill Town Council did a poor job in advertising it. Neither BHTC or Virgin Media contacted BHU in order to publicise it to the masses. How silly.

Tell Us About Your Experiences Of The Work Carried Out
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Spread the word! Local residents are not amused with Virgin Media.

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What has been your experience of the Virgin Media installation where you live?

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