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Water Slide, Outdoor Cinema, Zip Wire & An Escape Room - All Planned For Burgess Hill In Summer 2018

30th October 2017 | By Peter Chapman

The youth of Burgess Hill may have some fun activities to look forward to in the town during the 2018 summer holidays if a grant application made to MSDC - which will be decided tomorrow,Tuesday 31st October - gets the thumbs up.

Burgess Hill town council have FINALLY realised that young people live here too and for once, it's not just little children and the over 50's who may get to benefit from events funded by the public purse.

The council have planned 4 single day activites to take place during next year's Summer holidays. They are: a zip wire in a local park; a water slide; an escape room team challenge (to be held in an empty shop unit at the Martlets) and an outdoor cinema.

Councillors have costed the activites at £6,950 and have asked Mid Sussex District Council for a contribution of £4,500.

The town council have provided a reasoning for needing the grant. They've said that it'll help curb the anti-social behaviour seen in the town last summer. It's going to take a lot more than four one-off events to fix that, but if it helps secure the funding...

The background information provided in support of the grant application to be heard at tomorrow's meeting includes...

They (BHTC) are looking to hold some adventurous activities next summer and are considering the following four one-day activities: a zip line in St. John’s Park or another local park; an outdoor cinema; and escape room, whereby the Martlets Shopping Centre have confirmed they are willing to provide a venue for this.

An escape room is an interactive and intuitive real-life escape game where players are locked in a room with a group of up to ten people, and participants have 30 minutes to solve challenging puzzles to escape the room.

They are also seeking funding elsewhere to organise a waterslide activity.

These activities will run for one day each during the summer and autumn 2018 and will require specialised equipment and personnel to run them so they will contract professional companies.

They are considering making a nominal charge of £1 per go for the zipwire activity, which they anticipate will raise £500; and £1 per go for the escape room, which they anticipate may raise £150. The outdoor cinema will be free of charge as it would be difficult to levy a charge for that in the open park.

Your reporter is sure that it'll be approved considering MSDC throw money at Haywards Heath and their various CIC's run by members of the Conservative Pary. It's about time Burgess Hill got some dosh! Why's it taken so long?

Spread the word! Some fun activities could be taking place in town for the youth of Burgess Hill next Summer

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