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Council Purchase 'Not Safe' Community Building They Must Now Pay To Demolish - Without It Ever Being Used!

19th September 2017 | By Peter Chapman

The Royal British Legion building was purchased in 2014 for community use, but must now be demolished as its unsafe - having never been used by the public!

An embarassing disaster for Burgess Hill Town Council as the building they purchased - specifically for community use - is actually in such a poor condition that they have come to the decision to demolish it at a cost of £90k.

The former Royal British Legion building was purchased in 2014 at a cost of £250k (+£50k for essential repairs). The loan is still being paid off.

Community groups were shown around the facility at the time of purchase so that the town council could establish the best use of the building and any required internal alterations.

The council even held a key area group meeting at the council offices a few years ago where ideas were thrown around for other uses. Notably Cllr Publicity Pru Moore suggested that it could make an ideal wedding venue if they were to apply for a marriage license. There was also talk of renting it out to the private sector.

With the Martlets Hall soon to make way for retail development. The Royal British Legion was going to help provide an alternative location for displaced community groups. Now the town is going to be left with a huge shortfall of venues in the town centre.

The rear of the British Legion building - a great potential wedding venue (apparently)

Of course, Burgess Hill Town Council are trying to make out that the demolition is a good thing as it brings the realisation of the cultural quarter project one step closer. The one that's going to cost £5 million with not a single penny pledged to it!

In simple terms, imagine selling your only car to make room on the drive for that Porsche that you'll never be able to afford. Then try explaining your bonkers decision to the family who want to know why they can't do the Tesco shop any more and are forced to walk everywhere when it rains!

Worryingly, not a single councillor questioned the decision to demolish the bullding at last night's council meeting (Monday 18th).

Even more odd is that there was no official report produced giving full reasons why demolition was the best option over retaining the building.

It is also unknown how much money the council have ploughed into the building over the past few years without ever using it.

It's all very suspicious, but are we surprised from possibly one of the most untransparent councils in the country! Public inquiry anyone?

Spread the word... Burgess Hill Town Council's purchase of a community facility needs to be flattened without ever being used for it's intended purpose!

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How do you feel about the town council spending £300k+ on a building and now having to pay £90k to demolish it?

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