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manor field schoolBig Labour Surge In Mid Sussex Fails To Stop Soames Winning Again For The Conservatives

9th June 2017
by Peter Chapman

Labour almost doubled their vote in the Mid-Sussex Parliamentary election, but it wasn't enough to stop Nicholas Soames of the Conservatives running out as the comfortable winner once again.

Mid Sussex Parliamentary Result - 2017 Votes % +/-
Nicholas Soames Conservative Party 35,082 56.81 +0.7
Greg Mountain Labour Party 15,409 24.96 +11 %
Sarah Osborne Liberal Democrats 7,855 12.72 +1.2%
Chris Jerrey Green Party 1,571 2.54 -1.8%
Toby Brothers UKIP 1,251 2.03 - 10%
Baron Von Thunderclap Monster Raving Loony Party 464 0.75 +0.2%
Electorate: 84,170 Verified Votes: 61,632 Turnout: 73.3%
  • The Conservatives won with 57% of the vote, up 1% from the 2015 election.
  • Greg Mountain amassed 15,409 votes for Labour, a vote share of 25%, an increase of 11%
  • The Lib Dems jumped from fourth to third as Sarah Osborne gained 7,855 votes - a 1.2% increase compared to Daisy Cooper last time around.
  • Chris Jerrey received 1,571 votes representing the Green party with a 4th place finish., up from 5th when Miranda Diboll was the Green candidate in 2015. However, Jerrey's vote share was down 1.8%
  • Ukip's Toby Brothers saw his vote share drop 10% as he fell from 3rd to 5th compared to 2015. He achieved only 1,251 votes compared to 6,898 at the last election.
  • Finally, it was a good night for Baron Von Thunderclap as his vote share for the Monster Raving Loony Party increased by 0.2%
  • Turnout was up from 71.2% to 73.3%. 61,645 votes were cast compared to the 57,441 in 2015.


With a hung parliament, expect to be doing this all over again in the not too distant future!

Spread the word, the results are in for the 2017 Mid Sussex Parliamentary Election

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