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West Sussex County Council Elections 2017BHU Enter Candidates Into The West Sussex County Council Elections

4th April 2017
by Peter Chapman

It's going to be the most intriguing election in decades as Burgess Hill Uncovered have entered two candidates in the West Sussex County Council Elections taking place on Thursday May 4th.

BHU have had to take this action after the disastrous district council elections which has seen the town without a single opposing voice after the Conservative party won all 52 seats. We can't have this repeated at West Sussex County Council at a time when Burgess Hill is facing a huge transformation.

The other political parties keep splitting the vote, so we need to give the people of Burgess Hill a palatable non-political option at the ballot box that everyone can get behind. Your votes this May really will matter!

In Burgess Hill North,
your reporter Peter Chapman (aka Mr BHU) is looking to win the seat from controversial triple-hatted councillor Andrew Barrett-Miles.

In Burgess Hill East,
long time BHU contributor Scott McCarthy will be challenging yet another trippled-hatted councillor in the form of Anne Jones.

The full list of candidates for the divisions relevant to Burgess Hill are:

Burgess Hill North
Andrew Barrett-Miles Conservative
Peter Chapman Independent - BHU
Tim Cooper UKIP
Anne Eves Green Party
Lee Gibbs Liberal Democrats
Simon Hayward Labour

Burgess Hill East
Roger Cartwright Liberal Democrats
Matthew Cornish Green Party
Chris French UKIP
Pamela Haigh Labour
Anne Jones Conservative
Scott McCarthy Independent - BHU

Hassocks And Burgess Hill South
Charlie Burrell UKIP
Tudor Ellis Conservative
Nicholas Dearden Green Party
Kirsty Lord Liberal Democrats
Linda Taylor Labour

If you'd like to help with BHU's campaign to ensure there's an opposing voice on the council, dedicated to representing the town and the people and not the interests of a political party, then please email peter@burgesshilluncovered.co.uk

Spread the word, Burgess Hill Uncovered have entered the West Sussex County Council elections

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