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mid sussex district council*BREAKING NEWS* Burgess Hill By-Election To Be Held For A Seat On Mid Sussex District Council

7th March 2017
By Peter Chapman

HUGE NEWS coming out of Mid Sussex District Council today, for Cllr Chris King - District Councillor for Franklands Ward in Burgess Hill has resigned.

It means that a by-election will now be held on Thursday 4th May at the same time as the West Sussex County Council elections.

Those aware of the local political scene will know that the Conservative Party currently hold all 54 seats on Mid Sussex District Council - even though only 49% of those who voted in Burgess Hill actually ticked the box of the blue team.

This by-election is a chance for Burgess Hill residents to have a voice to truly represent them and the towns interests at a time when the district plan is in tatters, the neighbourhood plan is in danger of needing to be re-witten, the town centre redevelopment has stalled (again) and there's no plans to replace the Martlets Hall using money which we were falsely guaranteed from the building of thousands of new houses.

As your local reporter, I have attended countless meetings at the district council since May 2015 - when the Conservative Party took all the seats. It's a very depressing place where so many burning questions about Burgess Hill never get asked.

The leader of the council is never put on the spot because the current crop representing Burgess Hill don't fight hard enough for this town - The majority of your councillors haven't even uttered a single word in two years! The council is supposed to be a place of debate, but all you get is pretty much total agreement - it's not healthy.

The Frankland Ward Boundary Lines

History shows that Franklands Ward is a very strong area for the Conservative Party, even more so because the other parties split 51% of the vote 4 ways.

The logical thing to do would be for one candidate to take on the Conservative Party, but will Labour, Lib Dems, Green Party and UKIP finally realise that there's no prizes for finishing second?

If they truely care about this town and want to put an end to the information blackout, then they should come up with a strategy to ensure Burgess Hill gets the representation that it so badly needs right now.

Spread the word, there's finally a chance to put a new voice on the District Council to fight for Burgess Hill

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How would you ensure that Burgess Hill has the best chance possible of electing a new voice to Mid Sussex District Council to finally challenge the leader and the cabinet in order for the town to have true local respresentation?

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