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mid sussex district council'Shocked and Disappointed' Council Leader Hits Out At Decision To Increase Mid Sussex's Housing Numbers

6th March 2017

Leader of Mid Sussex District Council, Garry Wall, has reacted strongly to inspector Jonathan Bore's decision that MSDC must build 1026 homes per year up until 2031 as part of their District Plan.

Cllr Wall said:
"My colleagues and I have the gravest worries about the Inspector's views that this District can accommodate 1026 new homes every year for the next 17 years.

“The Council's own work, which has been validated by senior and highly respected experts, recommends that 800 new homes could be delivered every year. The Inspector is suggesting a level of housing that developers have never delivered in the entire history of Mid Sussex.

"Local people understand the need to increase the level of housing and we believe that 800 new homes a year is a sensible and sustainable amount, therefore we were shocked and hugely disappointed to read that the Inspector thinks that 1026 new homes could be built every year across our District."

"We have presented extensive evidence detailing the constraints in our District; local people are well aware of them. Our roads and railways are seriously congested and many key services are absolutely at capacity. In addition we enjoy a wonderful environmental heritage that we must endeavour to protect at all times. So we are very concerned and bewildered that these constraints appear not to have been properly understood by the Inspector."

"I fully appreciate that many residents will be justifiably concerned about the long-term implications of the Inspector’s findings. However, the Council is still in the Examination process, so there are limits to what I can say publicly. I believe that how the Council now responds is crucial and requires extremely careful deliberation."

The next public hearing session was scheduled for Friday March 3rd, but the council cancelled in order to consider their position following the recommendation for 1026 homes per year.

Councillor leader Garry Wall continued:

“There was very little time between the publication of the Inspector’s Interim Conclusions and the next scheduled District Plan Examination Hearing on 3 March. Due to the complexity of the issues involved and the far-reaching consequences for our District, we have asked the Inspector to postpone the scheduled hearing. This will allow us adequate time to carefully consider how we respond to his Interim Conclusions.

“The Independent Inspector has granted our request and the hearing will now be rearranged for a later date.”

Background History For Why We're In This Position: Shock As Inspector DOUBLES Mid Sussex's Housing Requirement To Over 1000 Homes Per Year!!!

Spread the word, MSDC are considering their position af the planning inspector wants 1026 homes built per year until 2031.

Got an opinion on this story? Leave a comment below.....
What do you think of the position that Mid Sussex District Council finds themselves in? Is this their own fault after their first plan was thrown out a few years ago?
Should they just take the 1026 per year and get on with it or should they fight to build 800 homes per year instead?

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