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woodys model shop burgess hillCouncil Tax In Mid Sussex To Rise By 3%

25th January 2017
By Peter Chapman

Council tax in Mid Sussex is to rise by 3% as the various councils and Sussex Police set their budgets for 2017/18.

So far, only Sussex Police have made their budget rise official, while the three local councils are expected to rubber-stamp their respective rises by the end of February.

Sussex Police = +3.36%
West Sussex County Council = +3.95%
Mid Sussex District Council = +1.99%
Burgess Hill Town Council = +1.94%

On her 'Leader's Blog' Louise Goldsmith of West Sussex County Council wrote:

A significant amount of our budget is raised directly from the residents we represent. You, of course, expect us to spend this money wisely as if it was our own and we do our very best. After a six year freeze we raised council tax last year, 1.95% with an additional 2% announced by government to help with the pressures in adult social care. This wasn’t an easy decision and I know for some of our residents it wasn’t easy for them either.

This year we have worked hard to keep our costs down and find efficiencies in everything we do, but once again we plan to increase the council tax by 1.95% and an extra 2% for social care pressures. 

When putting forward this proposal we have considered carefully our ‘What Matters to You’ survey which revealed that two thirds of residents who responded would be happy for their council tax to increase by 3.75 per cent or more

Sussex Police Crime Commisioner Katy Bourne:

“This rise will mean an extra £3m to invest in vital services to ensure that policing in Sussex reflects local priorities,”

“Local policing is adapting to match changes in crime so the new Community Investigation Teams will provide extra resources to crack down on small groups and individuals committing low-level crime and anti-social behaviour in our towns and villages.

“Early intervention is proven to help steer young people away from crime. Our Expert Youth Teams will be working across the agencies, including our schools, in order to spot the opportunities when the most susceptible are in danger of crossing the line.”

She added: “After the terrorist attacks in Europe and with the UK threat level set as ‘severe’, it is important that people can be reassured that in Sussex we have enough specialist armed officers and equipment. When they are not being deployed or in training, Armed Response Officers support local policing teams so an uplift of 52 officers will put more highly trained officers on our streets.

“This increase will also mean more Public Protection Investigators. In previous precept consultations I have asked the public to help fund additional resources in this area. Although this has increased the number of officers and staff, Sussex still spends less per head of population than similar-sized forces as the reporting of these types of crime continues to rise so this investment is greatly needed.”

The funding breakdown will be:
• Community Investigation Teams (£1.03m)
• Armed Response Officers (£1m)
• Public Protection Investigators (£1.25m)
• Expert Youth Teams (£0.92m)

Spread the word, Council tax is going up up up

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What's you're reaction to council tax increasing by around 3% for 2016/17. What do you think of what Sussex PCC Katy Bourne wants to introduce with an extra £5 per household?

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