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station road railway bridgeTemporary Bollards To Remain Outside Burgess Hill Train Station for Another YEAR

30th November 2016
By Peter Chapman

Residents who are offended by the bollards on the railway bridge opposite Burgess Hill station will have to put up with them being there for another year after planned repair works have been shelved by the council.

Burgess Hill Town Council claim this has been one of the most complained about issues at the Help Point EVER and that the public would be very angry when they find out that work to fix the bridge has been put back another year.....hense why they've not announced the delay themselves!

Those with good memories will recall that work took place on the bridge back at the start of 2015, with temporary traffic lights being in place for 12 weeks until June 5th, it caused all sorts of traffic chaos.

We remember, as we posted a celebratory video on Facebook once they were finally removed:

Once the bridge had been painted along with whatever other works they did, the red and white 'bollards' remained in place. It was eventually learnt that there was a weakness where the road met the pavement due to the weight of Heavy Goods Vehicles.

The council devised a plan to remedy the problem (we can't tell you exacty what the plan is as Burgess Hill Town Council are pathetically keeping the plans private) and work was due to start this month (November 2016)

However, this work is now being put back until August 2017 at the earliest. It means that the bollards would have been in place for two and a half years with no repair to the bridge.....what do we pay our council tax for? *roar*

I'm sure we'd all like to congratulate Burgess Hill Town Council, West Sussex County Council and especially the town's County Councillors Andrew Barrett-Miles and Anne Jones, what influence you have in getting things done quickly....lol.

Spread the word, everyone's favourite bollards outside the railway station are staying for another year!

Got an opinion on this story? Leave a comment below.....
What do you think of it taking two and a half years to fix the railway bridge?Do the bollards actually bother you anyway?

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