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woodlands meed burgess hillCouncillors Break Vow To Provide Answers Regarding Woodlands Meed's Future

21st September 2016

Bad news for campaigners of Woodlands Meed School, for West Sussex County Councillors have broken yet another vow.

At a public meeting that took place on Tuesday 6th September at the Burgess Hill Academy. The councillors and officers in attendance vowed to provide answers to questions asked about the future of Woodlands Meed in the minutes of the meeting - which would be published on the WSCC website at a later date.

Two weeks had passed and the minutes still weren't online. This could have been looked upon as a good thing at it would take WSCC some time to get all the information together.

Exactly three weeks later, the minutes from the meeting have finally been published. However, they do not contain any answers to the questions asked at the meeting.

Should we really be surprised? They've been neglecting Woodlands Meed for years, so were they really going to provide all the answers to a problem that - in all reality - they haven't addressed yet?

We have made contact with WSCC, requesting to know why they've broken their vow. We'll update this story when they reply.

In the meantime, you can see the questions that WSCC were going to be providing answers to in our full report from the meeting on Steptember the 6th here:
Woodlands Meed Public Meeting With West Sussex County Council


Spread the word, West Sussex County Council have failed to provide answers which they vowed to give.

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Are you surprised that WSCC have failed to provide answers to the questions? Do you really think they had any to give anyway and thus they were bluffing at the meeting?

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