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woodlands meed burgess hill Woodlands Meed's Future To Be Discussed At A Public Meeting Next Tuesday

2nd September 2016

Campaigners angry with the county council's refusal to complete the Woodlands Meed school building (any time soon by way of giving away their land) have an opportunity to show their strength of feeling at a meeting next week.

The regularly scheduled South Mid Sussex County Local Committee is held in different venues across the district, and it just so happens that the next one is taking place at Oakmeeds Burgess Hill Academy, Tuesday 6th September from 7pm.

This is a chance for campaigners to grill their elected representatives and to demand answers for why they have failed in their duty as our representatives on West Sussex County Council to make sure that Woodlands Meed wasn't treated as it has been.

Among those who will be facing the music will be Cllrs Anne Jones and Andrew Barrett-Miles, two people who are usually so vocal in the media when there's a chance for them to look like they care.... but they have been SILENT over the Woodlands Meed Issue. Why?

One political person who has met with the staff and governors of Woodlands Meed is Mid Sussex MP Nicholas Soames:

So if you're a parent, family friend of pupils at the school, or just someone who can see how wrong this situation is that children with moderate-severe learning disabilities are being treated like second class citizens, who will not be receviing the facilities promised to them by the county council, then get along to Oakmeeds The Burgess Hill Academy on Tuesday evening and make your voice heard.

Spread the word, there's a meeting next Tuesday where you can give it to the council with both barrels for failing all at Woodlands Meed school

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Will you be attending the meeting next tuesday? What would you want to say to our elected representatives?

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