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eu referendum headerThe EU Referendum Debate In Mid-Sussex - How Will You Vote?

19th June 2016
By Peter Chapman

The polling stations in Burgess Hill open in 4 days time as the public across the whole of the country will decide if Great Britain should remain a member of the European Union or not

Most of you readers will be here just for our poll. So here it is:

So what's been happening in Mid Sussex?
What have the respective campaigns been doing to win your votes? Here's what.....

EU Public Debate - 26th May 2016.
The Mid Sussex Branch of UKIP organised a public debate at Clair Hall, Haywards Heath. There was a panel of six speakers. Three in favour of remaining and three in favour of leaving the E.U. Each speaker was given 6 minutes to state their case. There then followed a Q&A session with the audience.

The meeting was well supported by the public with all the speakers conducting themselves in a rather respectful manner.

We've created a playlist on our Youtube channel featuring the speeches from the meeting here:

Brendan Chilton's speech goes 'viral'

'Labour Leave' were represented at the debate by Brendan Chilton. His rousing speech has attracted lots of attention online. Viewed over seven thousand times on the BHU YouTube Channel and over 100 thousand times on Facebook on the Referendum TV Page who 'borrrowed' our video. You can watch it below....

David Cameron Visits Mid Sussex - 13th June 2016
Under the radar, David Cameron visited Haywards Heath this past Monday. Due to his train being cancelled (surprise surpise) he had to travel by road.

david cameron haywards heathHe too held a meeting at Clair Hall. Only, it was a closed meeting. A Tory battle bus rocked up full of 'Remain' supporters and they were joined by local Conservative party members and some local politics students. Needless to say, the public were not amused. Why hold a meeting where you preach to the converted?

Following the meeting, Dave traveled to Horsham, where once again he ignored the public, instead choosing the hole himself up in the offices of Johnston Press, where he took questions from their reporters. Unsurprisingly this led to a big feature in their family of newspapers which includes the Mid Sussex Times. No coverage was afforded to the 'Leave' campaign.

Leave Campaign's Public Meeting - 15th June 2016
Unlike the 'Remain' campaign, the 'Leave' campaign held a truely public meeting at Clair Hall just a few days later.

Andrea Leadsom MP (South Northamptonshire), and Tim Loughton MP (East Worthing and Shoreham) led the meeting, setting out the 'Leave' campaign's reasons for wanting to exit the E.U. This was followed by a question and answer session with the audience. Maria Caufield MP (Lewes) arrived later and also spoke to the audience.

Although not as exciting as the true E.U debate at the same venue back in May, it was good to hear more in-depth reasons why the public may wish to leave the E.U.

Why didn't the 'Remain' group try to engage with the locals at a public meeting?

Out On The Streets
Both the Remain and Leave camps have had campaigners out in Burgess Hill town centre for a number of weeks now....

Unfortunately, there was an incident where the 'Remain' campaigners were reportedly bullying the 'Leave' campaigners in great numbers, surrounding their stand and stealing their campaign paraphernalia. Members of the public had to step in and tell the 'Remainers' to back off! The Police were called.

In addition, a member of the public accused a Burgess Hill Town Councillor of swearing at her and her daughter after she revealed she'd be voting 'leave'.

It's best you take a look at the thread on our Facebook page to read the accounts of those involved... https://www.facebook.com/burgesshill/posts/1226409027392006

Polling Day - Thursday 23rd June
If you've not voted by post and you're on the electoral register, then please do try to get along to your polling station and vote on Thursday. It's a big decision for the country and a high voter turn-out will lead to a truer result.

Who Will Win?
BHU predict that 'Leave' will receive the majority of votes in Mid Sussex, but nationally, it'll be a win for 'Remain', probably 54% vs 46%.

Spread the word, the referendum is just days away and we're running a poll!

Got an opinion on this story? Leave a comment below.....
What are your opinions on the campaigning by both sides of the EU debate in Mid Sussex? Who do you think Mid Sussex will vote in the referendum? What about the national result?

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