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churchroadbusissuesVideo: Council Cause Dangerous Issue For Buses And Pedestrians On Church Road

31st Janaury 2016
by Peter Chapman

There's a new source of entertainment at the top of Church Road.... but not if you're a bus driver, and they'll be no entertainment when someone finally gets hurt.

In April last year, West Sussex County Council and Mid Sussex District Council introduced new parking bays along Church Road. One of the bays is at the top of the highstreet next to Barclays Bank. Sometimes cars fail to park completely in the bay. This due to a mixture of faded double yellow lines and that some people park up in 4x4's and large work vehicles - which shouldn't even be there as it's a disabled bay.

Buses turning left from Station Road onto Church Road are forced to swing out rather wide to avoid hitting these parked vehicles. This poses a clear danger to pedestrians. The problem has been compounded by WSCC's decision to erect a 'No Loading' sign on a pole outside Quench Bar and Kitchen on the other side of the road, directly opposite the parking bay.

As reguarly demonstrated via Quench's Twitter account, this causes all manner of problems and traffic hold-ups!

BHU were in the area on Friday afternoon and couldn't have timed it better as our video shows....

A chap parked his works van at the rear of the disabled bay, over the double yellows too as he went to use Barclay's cash machine..... but don't worry, he put his hazzards on! The man could have got back to his van before the bus arrived, but then he decided to go inside the bank as well. Great work sir!

Barbershop's Good Deed For Burgess Hill Residents

That's not the only newsworthy piece about the parking bays on Church Road this week.

Robert Knox of 'The Barbershop' had become fed up with seeing the MSDC Traffic Warden's ticketing cars 4-5 times a day due to what he believes is unfairly small signage which doesn't make it obvious that it's for disabled parking only.

His solution was to print up large signs, laminate them and stick them on the side of Barclays Bank in a bid to make shoppers more aware of the parking restrictions.

Robert's efforts were greatly appreciated by the BHU readers, garnering many 'likes' and comments on his Facebook post as seen here....

Well this is just brilliant! Well done the guys at 'The Barbershop' on Church Road.

Posted by Burgess Hill Uncovered on Thursday, January 28, 2016

BHU will endeavour to get some answers from both West Sussex County Council and Mid Sussex District Council over these issues.

Spread the word. West Sussex County Council have created no end of issues at the top of Church Road!

Got an opinion on this story? Leave a comment below....
Have you witnessed the buses having issues at the top of Church Road? Have you nearly been wiped out by a bus as it swings over the pavement? What about the disabled parking bay, have you received a ticket for wrongly parking there, believing it to be parking available to all?

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