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bedelands farm dead rabbitsSussex Police Wildlife Crime Officer Informed Of Rabbit Deaths At Bedelands Farm Nature Reserve

25th January 2016
By Peter Chapman

The discovery of dead rabbits found across the land of Bedelands Farm Nature reserve - including many hanging from trees - has been reported to Sussex Police's Wildlife Crime Officer after a District Council Park Ranger visited the site.

This was in response to many local residents taking to our Facebook page to share their experiences at Bedelands Farm over the past week.

There's a whole host of theories as to why so many rabbits are being found dead. Buzzards, Dogs, the bad weather affecting the burrows, myxomatosis, air rifles.

Some owners have reported their dogs getting ill and needing veterinary treatment having come into contact with the dead rabbits. This has led to speculation that the rabbits are carrying an additional virus or have been deliberately poisoned.

As for the dead rabbits being found in the trees, some dog owners have come forward to say they're responsible in a bid to stop more dogs eating and fighting over them.

With trapping and hunting on the reserve being illegal, the wildlife crime officer needed to be informed.

MSDC's Park Rangers will continue to monitor the situation.

We'll update this story if any infomation comes forward as to what the actual cause of the rabbit's deaths have been.

Spread the word, an investigation is taking place over the amount of dead rabbits being found at Bedelands Farm Nature Reserve

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What do you think is the cause behind so many dead rabbits being found at Bedelands Farm Nature Reserve at the moment?

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