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burgess hill rainbowBrilliant Rainbow Over Burgess Hill - Photos & Video

7th January 2016
By Peter Chapman

On Tuesday at 15:50, brilliant sunlight finally broke through the clouds during an all-too-familiar downpour. It was one of those moments that you knew there'd be a cracking rainbow somwhere in the sky.

Having just parked up at the multi-storey car park at the Martlets, I exited my motor vehicle, looked up at the sky, and sure enough there was a rainbow over St Johns Church. The ambient light was very orange.

Here's BHU's picture:

Being too close to the rainbow to capture the full arc in the frame, we had to resort to video....

Having posted our photo on the BHU Facebook Page (190 likes and counting!) other locals submitted their pictures of the rainbow too...

Sara Oxford

Leanne O'Neill

Nicky Huggett

Leanne Penfold

Antonia Louise

Our favourite pictures were found on Instagram, posted by Adrinna Bakker and Chals Jain from the top of the Amex building....

England does have its moments. View from the balcony at work. #England #burgesshill #prettyprettypretty

A photo posted by Adrianna Bakker (@adriannabakker) on

#sunshine #burgesshill #rainbow #uk

A photo posted by Chals Jain (@chalsjain) on

Why not share this gallery of pictures with your rainbow loving friends?.....

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