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the browWhich Building Have MSDC Purchased At The Brow In A Secret Deal?

16th December 2015

Cabinet papers at Mid Sussex District Council reveal that they've been meeting in secret and have agreed to purchase land at the Brow in Burgess Hill town centre. But what exactly?

The minutes of the cabinet meeting held on November 30th state:


That Council be recommended to finance the purchase of land as above inclusive of purchase costs and taxes in the sum of £730,000 to be drawn from the General Reserve.

The recommendation was put to the district councillors and was not 'called in' meaning it became official on Thursday 10th December.

Just what have the council purchased?

There are a number of candidates as to what MSDC have purchased. They are...

burgess hill police station
1. Burgess Hill Police Station
As we all know, Sussex Police are making major cuts, they are currently selling off many of their police stations and replacing them with simple customer service points in shared venues. There were previous plans to share a building with the town council as part of the Martlets redevelopment. What would MSDC want with this building though?

burgess hill fire station
2. Burgess Hill Fire Station
The county council are making huge cuts to the fire service in West Sussex. Is Burgess Hill's fire station surplus to requirements and going cheap?

burgess hill ambulance station
3. Burgess Hill Ambulance Station:
Although unlikely that this is the buiding being sold, it's still a contender.

the brow medical centre  doctors surgery
4. The Brow Medical Centre:
Much like the Ambulance station, this is an unlikely sale, and if it were to ever go, the land would be sold for flats and raise a tidy sum.

the burgess hill clinic NHS
5. The Burgess Hill Clinic
Maybe MSDC want to have their own private clinic for any mentally unstable councillors and staff that they may have among their ranks.

Marten House Sheltered Housing Burgess Hill
6. Marten House
It's a sheltered housing facility with 37 flats designed for the elderly. Is it still fit for purpose? If not, there's alot that MSDC could do here. Your author doesn't want to look silly by predicting things that may not happen though!

What BHU Do Know
In the Summer, a top guy at MSDC said that 'Exciting' things are planned for the Brow.

At the time of writing this story, MSDC weren't in a postion to release any information, but that may change very soon now that people are going to be talking about it. WATCH THIS SPACE!

Spread the word, the council have purchased something in secret at the Brow, we want to know what it is!

Got an opinion on this story? Leave a comment below.....
Do you know what MSDC have purchased at the Brow and what they'll be using it for?

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