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An Open Letter To The Residents
Of Burgess Hill
17th November 2014

Dear Burgess Hill Residents

The time has come to take a stand.

For years now our town has been neglected by the local councils and the councillors that we elected to serve us.

No longer do the ruling party represent our views, nor do they fight for this town.

Our councillors are being as secretive and as obstructional as possible to keep us all shut out.
They even took a vote last week to decide that they will NOT consult with the public about the town's future.

We're about to have thousands of homes dumped on Burgess Hill without the infrastructure to cope. We were promised £80 million from the development. This was a lie. In fact, the whole consultation that led to the town 'volunteering' to take thousands of new homes was a total sham.

We're getting half a new town centre that will see Burgess Hill look like Crawley. It's a deal that only benefits the developer and not our town. We are losing our assets to line the pockets of others.

The Martlets Hall will disappear. There is no replacement venue lined up. How can the District's largest town be left without an entertainments and arts venue? We're going to be expected to make do by using school halls and function rooms.

Our town is being torn apart by just a small number of people who hold all the power in Burgess Hill and in the wider district.

Burgess Hill is the dumping ground of Mid Sussex. Why do we have to constantly put up with being second best to Haywards Heath? Why do our district councillors allow this to happen?

This ALL needs to stop, but it can only change with your help.

Action Is Needed
The time has come to form a collective of like-minded individuals who are sick of what's happening to our town right now and for what's planned in the future.

Many people are good at complaining from the sidelines, but now we need to find out who actually wants to take a stand and do something about it. Are you in?

Email countmein@burgesshilluncovered.co.uk with your name, any comments you have about what's currently happening to our town AND what sort of action you'd like to see take place.

Once we know how many people want to take action, then appropriate plans can be made.

I look forward to hearing from you all.

Peter Chapman
Burgess Hill Uncovered

Spread the word, it's time to make a stand and fight back.

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