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st wilfrids burgess hill schoolBurgess Hill-Related Executive Decision Reports Wrongly Kept Private On District Council Website

6th October 2014

Human error or deliberately hiding information from the public?
That's what we've been wondering at the Burgess Hill Uncovered offices over the weekend as many reports for 'Executive Decisions' regarding Burgess Hill have been set to private on the Mid Sussex District Council website.

Previously, executive decision reports about Burgess Hill had been available, so why the change? Interestingly, reports about non Burgess Hill items are publically available. VERY suspicous.

Access denied - just one of many reports the public aren't able to access, why?

A list of items set to private include:

All of the above items listed above are not commerically sensitive, thus there is no reason whatsoever for them to be made private. As a local news website, Burgess Hill Uncovered regularly trawl through council documentation to give you nuggets of information that you need to know. With these reports now being made private, we cannot carry out the service that you've come to expect of us.

We of course emailed Mid Sussex District Council to point out their error. They are yet to acknowledge our email, or change the privacy settings of the documents. Given MSDC's usual response rate to BHU, we'll probably never hear back from them, however, we will NOT let this drop.

Spread the word, let the Burgess Hill public know that the Council are hiding documents from us...

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Why do you think that Mid Sussex District Council are preventing the Burgess Hill public from accessing non sensitive documents?

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