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industrial estate car vandalismTrio Of Cars Vandalised On Albert Drive, Victoria Industrial Estate

7th August 2014
By Peter Chapman

Can you help solve a crime?

On the evening of Monday 4th August, three vehicles were found with all their windows smashed on Albert Drive, Victoria Industrial Estate. The cars were parked in the spot usually occupied by the K&O Catering Snack Bar.

The vehicles involved were all relatively old, they were; a Saab, a Renault Clio and a Peugeot 206.

This morning the Renault Clio and Peugeot 206 remained in place, both now emblazoned with yellow vinyl writing which asks the question 'Who Did This?'

Speaking to a local worker at the scene today, he informed BHU that the catering van tried to regain its usual spot only to be told by police to move away. You can now find the K&O snack bar futher east on Albert Drive next to Merlin Workwear.

If you have any information on what's been going on, you can contact Sussex Police online here...

UPDATE - Sunday 10th August

Over the weekend, a mk4 Ford Fista has been added to the row of cars, carrying the writing 'I know'. The question mark from the Peugeot has been removed. This of course reveals the message...

In a clever move, the Fiesta's front windows have been wound down and the rear ones removed to avoid them being smashed!

UPDATE - Monday 18th August

Two more cars have been added, this time in the exact place where the catering van has been relocated. This time red vinyl lettering has been used, asking 'Do you know'?

UPDATE - Wednesday 27th August

Sad times on Albert Drive at lunchtime today as the cars were put on a transporter and taken away. It was a fan saga, one of the most read stories ever on Burgess Hill, but all good things must come to an end.

It's good to share, maybe someone you know can solve this crime?

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