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Bugress Hill Closed ShopsBurgess Hill's Empty Shops 2014

22nd April 2014

It's been 18 months since we last made a list of the empty shops in Burgess Hill Town Centre so we once again went out into town to see what's changed. The good news is that many of the previously vacant shops are now occupied, the bad is that lots more have become available instead...

Kandies Burgess Hill
1. Kandies Pound Plus And More

2. Cinnamon Fashion

cheque centre burgess hill

3. The Cheque Centre

fancy that burgess hill
4. Fancy That

Mooch@76 burgess hill
5. Mooch@76

Safe haven for donkeys in the holy land Burgess Hill
6. Safe Haven For Donkeys In The Holy Land

cover up phone shop burgess hill
7. Cover Up Phone Shop

information shop burgess hill
8. Young Persons Information Shop

dockerills burgess hill
9 . Dockerills

Fusion burgess hill
10. Fusion

Enchanted burgess hill
11. Enchanted

Amici burgess hill
12. Amici

Accessories @ Time 4 U burgess hill
13. Accessories @ Time 4 U

Time 4 U burgess hill
14. Time 4 U

Newway AV burgess hill
15. Newway AV

BlockBuster Video burgess hill
16. Blockbuster Video

Fabric Shop burgess hill
17. Fabric Shop

Savers burgess hill
18. Savers

Gerzoo Coffee burgess hill
19. Gerzoo Coffee

Present Company burgess hill
20. Present Company

Plaster Pups burgess hill
21. Plaster Pups

New York Nails burgess hill
22. New York Nails

The Man Shop burgess hill
23. The Man Shop

The first thing that jumps out from that list is that 13 of the 23 vacant units are located in the Martlets area of the town centre. Either owners NewRiver Retail are very expensive to rent from or they have some sort of a plan.

Oh well, plenty of choice if you're looking to start a business in Burgess Hill.

And if this list makes you sad, then don't worry, for very soon a whole mega-list of all the businesses in the town centre is coming!

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What are the owners of the Martlets playing at? Are their rents too high or are they deliberately running the centre into the ground? As for the other empty units, are parking charges and business rates to blame? Do we just need to finally accept that the highstreet is changing thanks to the internet and supermarkets?

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