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Bugress Hill Action Group LogoThe Sorry State Of Burgess Hill High Street

7th October 2012

When you take a walk along Church Walk and Church Road in Burgess Hill town centre, you're bound to have spotted the odd closed shop or two. But are you aware of just how many of these shop units are permanently closed for business? We'll show you in the following series of images.

Age UK shop Burgess Hill1. 1. Age UK Charity Shop

2. Cinnamon Fashion

3. Rounder Records

pund shop burgess hill
4. The Pound (Plus?!) Shop

first choice holidays burgess hill
5. First Choice Holidays

empty fusion restaurant Burgess Hill
6. Fusion

7 & 8 . Sussex Stationers and Currys

dockerills burgess hill
9 . Dockerills

Want to set up shop in Burgess Hill? Here are the prices....
1. Cinnamon Fashion £15.5k p.a (see here)
2. Age UK Charity Shop £14.5k p.a (see here)
3. Rounder Records £10k p.a (see here) under offer!
4. The Pound Plus Shop is available as both leasehold and freehold (see here)
5. First Choice Holidays £22.5k p.a (see here)
6. Fusion is available for £47.5k p.a (see here)
7. The Sussex Stationers building is currently available for £30k p.a (see here)
8. Currys is available for £42.5k p.a (see here) and it's currently under offer, exciting!
9. Dockerills is available for £415k for the entire freehold - shop and two flats. (see here)

Are even more businesses looking to exit Burgess Hill?
Andrew France and CoWhile searching for the rental prices for the vacant premises in the town centre, we found a whole list of shops that are going to exit the town or perhaps looking to renegotiate their leases.

If the website is up-to-date, then we *could* see the departure of.... Gerzoo Coffee, Millets, Cover Up, Holdall 47, Burgess Appliances.

Visit: http://www.andrew-france.com/property_search_allcommercial.php and tick the Burgess Hill box in the left-hand menu to see all the commerical buildings currently available.

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Having seeing the information presented above, do you believe that the Burgess Hill High Street is in danger? Would all the empty buildings scare you away from setting up shop in Burgess Hill? Should business rates be slashed and free parking provided for shoppers?

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