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Burgess Hill Traveller Rubbish

Community Spirit Is Strong In Burgess Hill As Residents Clear Up The Traveller's Mess In Under 90 Minutes!

16th August 2012
By Peter Chapman

If you're a Burgess Hill resident, then you must have been aware of the near 50 caravans that decended upon Fairfield Rec on Monday evening at around 6pm.

For 48 hours there was much fear, anger and suffering by the residents.

Much of the reaction to the travellers is still available on our Facebook Page
(It was a nightmare to try and moderate!)

After prompt work from the council and the police, the final caravan departed the recreaction ground at 7:30pm on Wednesday.

Gypsy litterWith a tonne of disgusting mess strewn across Fairfield Rec, what do you do?

Well, if you're Burgess Hill Uncovered you go to the scene and take pictures of it to shove in the faces of the people that said the travellers don't leave mess!

After taking photos, then what do you do? Leave the mess to the council to clear up because it's their fault for not implementing the appropriate security measures following last years invasion OR do you roll up your sleeves and get the area cleared up so that the community can use it again ASAP?

Facebook Communications Mobilises The Public!
Bugress Hill FacebookWith Burgess Hill Uncovered posting on Facebook to say we were off to Fairfield recreation ground to inspect the mess, and Debbie Mann posting that people should think about helping to clear up the rubbish, the two groups combined along with some of the local residents in the immediate area and set to work to clear up the mess.

It's A Dirty Job....
It was an unpleasant 90 minutes, much of the rubbish was foul in both smell and substance, but we got on with it, no complaints.

Gypsy Rubbish

The result was two huge piles of rubbish gathered up for the council to collect tomorrow and a great sense of community achievement.

Pictured below are just some of the people that helped with the clean-up operation
Burgess Hill Residents clear traveller rubbish
If you helped with the clean up and want some recognition, then send us your names and we'll give
you the exposure that you very much deserve!

Here's what local resident Debbie Mann had to say on what was achieved..
'I'm thrilled by the reaction from local residents and their children to pitch in to restore the park by clearing the rubbish this evening. Apart from some broken glass and the area behind the railway shed Fairfield Rec is ready for all the local residents to use once more. Burgess Hill has a wonderful community and it shines through.'

Burgess Hill AwardA victory for...
The travellers may have caused misery for people over three days, but the winner in the end was the strengthened Burgess Hill community spirit both online and in the flesh during the clear up.

Well done everyone. Imagine what else we could achieve going forward!

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Do you think the community has been brought closer together following the unwelcome visit of the travellers? Can we build on this experience and take control of our town's future and really make a difference when up against those that don't have the town's best interests at heart?

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