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Burgess Hill Jubilee Beacon Moved - But At What Cost?

2nd June 2012
By Peter Chapman

Hello readers. A short news update for you. Those of you following our Facebook Page will know that the Jubilee Beacon was erected in St Johns Park this week. It was a notable event as someone decided to toss a tricycle in the top....

burgess hill jubilee beacon

Apparently our council are flush with money. They'd have to be considering on Saturday morning contractors Edburton were in the park, relocating the Jubilee Beacon by all of 30 foot. Working of a weekend too, that's usually at a premium?

jubilee beacon erection

Stupidly they've moved the beacon right where people play ball games. The original location was perfect as it was on a raised area allowing lots of people to gather below with a perfect view.

It makes no sense at all. But are you really surprised?

We deserve to know .....
Why was the beacon moved? Who gave the order? How much has it cost us?
Those are the questions that need answering. Over to you Council......

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We know that the council and councillors read this website, so explain yourselves!
For the rest of you, what do you think to this seemingly pointless Jubille Beacon relocation which has cost both man hours and potentially a sum of money to a contractor?

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