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Mid Sussex Olympic Mascot

28th September 2009
By Peter Chapman

The Olympics are coming!!.......to London. But that doesn't matter to the Mid Sussex District Council. For some reason, they have commissioned the creation of an Olympic mascot that will make appearances at Mid Sussex sports and arts events in the lead up to the LONDON Olympics.

In fact, every council in Sussex is taking part, so no doubt stupid amounts of money will be thrown at this needless project as each council in the county tries to out do each other, much like how young men apply big exhausts and stickers to their cars and proclaim it the best around.

The mascot for Mid Sussex has been made by the Same Sky Community Arts Group in Brighton, and has received funding from the Arts Council.

No good reader, I didn't realise that Brighton was a part of Mid Sussex either, and yes good reader, you are right with what you are thinking, why couldn't people in Mid Sussex have made the mascot, considering the mascot is representing Mid Sussex.
Of course, this is our District Council making the decision, we should not be surprised with their lack of logic.

At the moment, the mascot looks like a fox, representing the rural area. It's been designed through the eyes of a child, in other words, an adult is guessing what a child would like. Much like a mother taking her teenage children clothes shopping as she has the credit card.

Apparently, the mascot will grow each year and will eventually become a giant mythical creature. Sounds expensive.

Anyway, the council have been using the local papers to alert the population of Mid Sussex that we are the ones that get to choose the name of our mascot. Send your entries to arts@midsussex.gov.uk by October 30th.

I'm going to send in the name 'The Crack Fox' If any of you readers are fans of the Mighty Boosh, then you will be familiar with this character from series three.

How the final name will be chosen has not been revealed. It's probably some self important person at the council that thinks they know best.
Logically, what they should do is an online poll featuring a 'shortlist' of the 50 most suitable names and let the public vote. But let's be realistic here, the name has no doubt already been chosen, with a sweet looking child connected to the council primed and ready to appear in the papers, posing as the creative mind behind the mascot's name.

Is the Olympic mascot pointless? Could public money have been better spent elsewhere?
Let us know your thoughts by emailing
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