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Bedelands Farm Fans Demand Fouling Fines

17th September 2009
By Peter Chapman

Once in a while, a local story crops up that proves both thought-provoking and amusing. The story of the Friends of Bedelands Farm Nature Reserve wanting on the spot fines for owners of dogs that don't pick up their pooches turds has proved to be one of those stories.

There is a large group of volunteers that work extremely hard to keep the nature reserve in tiptop condition. They are fed up with their back breaking efforts being tarnished by the presence of dog excrement. The group have asked the district council to implement their dog control powers.

The big question here is... How on earth do they expect to inplement this system?
Think about it. Bedelands Farm is a huge area featuring many open fields and areas of woodland. How can the entire area be affectively monitored to ensure that the culprits are correctly identified and sanctioned?

We here at Burgess Hill Uncovered have come up with some ideas as to how the area could be policed with vary ranges of plausibility.


Will we see the implementation of CCTV throughout the area with a little old fat man in a control room zooming in everytime he suspects a dog is about to squat? Bedelands farm could be ring-fenced with only certain entry points, each guarded by security. They can detain any dog walkers that the CCTV operator suspects of not cleaning up after their dog.

Just like in comedy films, security could dress as trees, with binoculars, spying on the dog walkers, when they see an offence, they can confront the deviant on the spot.


With unemployment topping 2.4million, why not introduce a system where all dog walkers have to be accompanied by a chaperone for the duration of their walk around the nature reserve. You could charge for units of 30 minutes, at a cost of £5 per unit.

Pay as you walk

If you enter Bedelands farm with a dog, a mandatory entrance fee could be charged. This fee will pay for the wages of team of poo collectors.

There really doesn't seem to be any system that can be inplicated without either costing a large amount of money to set up or that doesn't offend those dog walkers that do clear up after their four-legged companions. Even if a dog walker is spotted not picking up poo, DNA results will prove costly if the crime is ever disputed. How much trouble will the District Council really go to? I think the Friends of Bedelands Farm group will have to accept that dog excrement is inevitable and just allow nature to take its course with biodegradation.

Our Video Guide To Bedelands Farm Nature Reserve
A few years ago, we made a guide to Bedelands Farm, if you've not seen it before, now is your chance to enjoy it!

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