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Official Burgess Hill Uncovered Statement

Re:The Bugess Hill School for Girls Internet Video

Burgess Hill Uncovered is a website that is designed to simply live up to its name - to 'uncover' Burgess Hill in a fun, tongue-in-cheek way. This does not mean that we will skip over news if it's of public interest - and the YouTube video of Burgess Hill School for Girls certainly fitted into that category

Burgess Hill School for Girls often appears in the local media in an extremely positive light - with good reason. They have a 100% GCSE pass rate, and are renowned for their tradition and success in the fields of sport, music, and drama and for their work in the community. The school seems to think however, that they can simply brush these negative stories under the carpet and continue to create a glowing image of themselves in the local community, which I am afraid is not the case.

Parents of pupils already at the school and parents considering sending their children there have a right to see both the positive and negative aspects of the school, especially given the fact they part with large sums of money to give their children the best possible education they can.

Headteacher Ann Aughwane claimed in a recent interview with Bright 106.4 that we had sensationalised the story. While we don't disagree that we may have made more out of it than was strictly necessary, we did not make any false claims regarding the content of the video. Those that viewed the video will know this to be true.
The fact of the matter is that we simply commented on the video, and bought it to the attention of the public in order for them to form their own opinions on it. If other media outlets feel it is a story worth reporting on, and perhaps sensationalising, then that is their prerogative.

We disagree with Mrs Aughwane's view that no swearing means the children were "not using bad language" as we feel that bad language is any language, including slang, that can cause offence whether it be swearing or not.

Mrs Aughwane went on to suggest that we are against private education. This is simply not true; if you can afford to have your child privately educated then good luck to you. What we are against however is one-sided and unbalanced views, which is why we felt the need to address the fact that this video gives an alternative to the idyllic and high-standard image that has been created of Burgess Hill School for Girls

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