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Burgess Hill Town Sign

Burgess Hill Uncovered Guides - Things You Need To Know

If your knowledge of Burgess Hill is lacking, perhaps you're contemplating moving to the area, or maybe you're confined to the house and have forgotten many things about our glorious town, then the Burgess Hill Guide section is the perfect resource for you!
Shops In Burgess Hill
Burgess Hill Shop Guide

Shops may be disappearing from Burgess Hill at an alarming rate, but there are still a large selection left to visit when you come shopping here.

Public Toilet Guide
Burgess Hill public toilet guide
One of the original pieces of content on Burgess Hill Uncovered. Our public toilet guide is simply AMAZING. Plenty of photos and even a ranking system!
Burgess Hill Pub Guide
Burgess Hill Pub Guide

A series of mildly amusing videos aiming to help you make an informed choice as you find the best pub in Burgess Hill in which to get drunk

Car Parks
Burgess Hill Car Parking Guide

Visiting Burgess Hill?
Our Car Park guide features an interactive map, pricing details and our tips on where best to park in town.

Burgess Hill Schools
Burgess Hill Schools

If you've just moved to the area or your child is about to start their education journey, then you'll most likely be needing to find a school. Burgess Hill has a few good ones!

Hotels In Burgess Hill
Burgess Hill Hotels

Business trip, holiday, or a place to carry out an illicit encounter. Burgess Hill now has its very own hotel.

Burgess Hill Churches
Churches In Burgess Hill

If you like getting up early of a Sunday morning then you're a likely candidate to fancy a bit or worship. We've got all the local churches listed for you here!

Victoria Industrial Estate
Victoria Industrial Estate Burgess Hill

Ever driven through the Victoria Industrial estate on your way to Tesco, wondering how many businesses are here? We often have, so went out and listed them!


Burgess Hill Guides
Car Parks
Pub Guide Videos
Public Toilets
Shop Guide
Victoria Industrial Estate

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