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burgess hill pubs and barsBurgess Hill Uncovered Pub Guide

It may be a tough times for pubs but Burgess Hill has done well to hold on to many of them over recent years following the closures of the Junction Inn and the Kinds Head.

The town boasts 13 pubs and bars and you can discover more about them here....

windmill inn burgess hill The Brewers Arms
251 London Road
Burgess Hill
RH15 9QU
01444 870 481
windmill inn burgess hill The Cricketers
23 West St,
RH15 8NY
01444 235 694
jacobs post Jacobs Post
23 Church Rd,
RH15 9BB
01444 258 260
windmill inn burgess hill The Potters
129 Station Rd,
RH15 9ED
01444 233 448
Pulse 2 Burgess Hilll Pulse 2
The Martlets,
RH15 9NN
01444 870 400
quench bar and kitchen Quench Bar and Kitchen
2-4 Church Rd,
RH15 9AE
01444 253 332
The Railway Pub Burgess Hill The Railway
Station Road,
RH15 9DQ
01444 247 474
the top house pub burgess hill The Top House
Keymer Parade,
RH15 0AD
01444 233 955
watermill pub burgess hill The Watermill
1 Leylands Rd,
RH15 0QF‎

01444 235 517
the weald pub burgess hill The Weald
Royal George Rd,
RH15 9SJ
01444 232 776
Wetherspoon burgess hill Wetherspoon
49-51 Church Walk,
RH15 9AE
01444 231250
windmill inn burgess hill The Windmill Inn
134 Leylands Rd,
RH15 8AB
01444 235 537
the woolpack burgess hill The Woolpack
Howard Ave, RH15 8CS
01444 245 178

Video: The Burgess Hill Pub Guide Trilogy
They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. So instead of writing thousands of words about each pub in Burgess Hill, we've made a trilogy of pub reviews in VIDEO!

Whether you are a local or a visitor to the town, hopefully our series of highly professional reviews will help you to decide which pub best meets your food and drink needs.

Burgess Hill Pub Guide Part One

Burgess Hill Pub Guide Part Two

Burgess Hill Pub Guide Part Three

Note: These pioneering films were produced back in 2007 when YouTube only accepted low resolution videos and much of the world didn't even know what YouTube was!

Many pubs were still open back in 2007 too. RIP The Kings Head and the Junction Inn :-(

If you're a pub landlord or know of a pub that would like an up-to-date video review, or a more comprehensive photographic and written feature, then email webmaster@burgesshilluncovered.co.uk and we'll see what can be arranged.

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