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Burgess Hill Event Reviews

The Burgess Hill Summer Festival Parade 2008

Saturday June 7th 2008 was the date of this years Burgess Hill Summer Festival's 'Town Day'
The theme this year was storybook characters or whatever people could be bothered to wear.
Here are some of the highlights from the parade in picture form.

Burgess Hill town crier Neil Batsford lead the parade, sadly he's not living up to his reputation as no tears are on offer. Here is the mayor showing off his necklace whilst councillor Anne Jones shows her class in this lovely outfit.
The Burgess Hill Marching Youth band should check the birth certificates of some of their members!
  This Crocodile was extremely realistic looking and therefore very scary indeed.
It was shocking to discover that Noddy has breasts.   This childs 'Cat in a Hat' costume was amazing, shame about his silly looking adult guardian.
This lady was able to have a day off from shaving as her pirate costume required a beard.   Your eyes are not decieving you, this years parade actually featured a float!
Children from St Andrews Church was dressed as animals from Noah's Ark.   Following their Thunderbird theme from 2007, the District Lions made another great effort with a Wizard of Oz theme.
The Kangeroo from Kidi Karu day care nursery once again made an appearance, still not a patch on Gordon the Gorilla!   This silly young lady was dressed as Minnie Mouse. Sadly there was no sign of Micky, Pluto or Donald.
This car looks like a posh black version of children's television favourite Brum.   Alarmingly Snow White and her older fancy man were without any sort of safety harnesses.
A Mini Cooper. Not a patch on a Mk3 Ford Fiesta.   An old black car with a grey haired old woman passenger.
A car.   Another car.
Yet another car   Thankfully the shambollic addition of cars to the parade was saved due to the appearance of this English police car!

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