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The Burgess Hill Fairtrade Festival Market 2011

Saturday March 5th 2011 was the date of the Burgess Hill Fairtrade Festival's Market at the Martlets Hall.
We were left disappointed on our visit last year as it was severely lacking in chocolate. It was the Burgess Hill Uncovered office cleaner that had to point out that Fairtrade is known more for cotton and bananas (but what does she know anyway!)

Had things changed for 2011? You're about to find out!

The beautifully crafted poster informed the public of today's event. Seemingly you'll have a smile on your face from the chocolate if you attend. Fairtrade bunting adorned the front of the Martlets. I shall not assume that the colouring-in was done by children.
I think it was the work of some clever pets. Probably cats.
This table was covered in a plethora of fine Fairtrade produce. Among the items were, pasta, coffee. tea, hot chocolate, mints, fruit jellys, biscuits and, well blow me down with a feather - a selection chocolate.
London based company Divine Chocolate were also in attendance with a fine selection of high calorie produce. Even better was the plate full of chunks from which you could help yourself. The two ladies representing the company were incredibly attractive, although why I'm telling you about this fact without a photo is a little pointless really, Sorry!
Sadly I did not win the Divine Gift Box despite the fact I said
i'd be writing about them on BHU. Disappointment x1000
  I paid £1.50 of my own money on this 100g bar of coffee flavoured chocolate. It would have tasted better if it were free.
The Divine Milk Chocolate bar with butterscotch pieces, quite possibly the best thing i've ever had in my mouth.   The Wish4 Fairtrade Chocolate Muffin. Sadly it only contained 1% chocolate pieces and they were tiny. (Not by Divine)

So the chocolate hunting mission was a success even if I exited the venue with £5 less in my wallet. I'll be sure to list it as a business expense on my tax return.

Organiser Robert Eggleston should be delighted that the Fairtrade market gets the thumbs up from BHU.
(He may just get our vote in the local election this May for his service to chocolate lovers)

There are still some Fairtrade events yet to take place this week, so check out the Burgess Hill FairTrade Freedom Festival Website for more information.

And finally, in hope of Divine Chocolate retrospectively sending me a case of Butterscotch Chocolate bars, here is a link to their website - http://www.divinechocolate.com/default.aspx

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