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Burgess Hill has once again been infested by Gypsies, although it may be policically correct to call them travellers. Their arrival in the town is certain to annoy many residents, not least the businesses on the Victoria Industrial Estate where the Gypsies are located.
Burgess Hill Uncovered are not fans of Gypsies and believe they should pay all forms of taxes,
When Gypsies are around, crime in the area seems to rise. This is not to say that Gypsies are to blame, opportunist burglars can strike knowing that people are quick to point the finger at the Gypsies first.

16th March 2005:They Arrive
Eyewitnesses claim to have seen 3 Gypsies on the site, they have 3 dogs with them,
dogs of the four -legged variety that is.
17th March 2005:First Pictures
This delightful red stretch caravan is a deluxe model featuring silver windows. It's the envy of the rest of the Gypsy convoy.   A white lorry with the words 'Fun Fair on tour' written on the cab door, and a white Ford transit.
This 1970's dark green coach is a classic example of Gyspy transport, big enough to transport 50 gypsies in extreme comfort all over the country.   No Gypsy convoy would be complete without a classic white caravan.
A red Lorry, which from a distance looks plain red,
however,on closer inspection, you can see the darker
markings where it carried the graphics of the Royal Mail.
18th March 2005:At Work
Time was spent viewing the Gypsies from a distance this afternoon, using our 10x zoom lense, we were able to gain our first good look at the holiday makers.
They were collecting bits of wood and putting it in to the trailer of their green crane.
They also made a bonfire with more of the wood, if they were cold they could have just put a jumper on.
They also have a maroon sofa on which they were relaxing, soaking up the sun whilst reading some documents.

The Gypsies were gathering the twigs and branches and putting them into the trailer of their crane.   This Gypsy has dreadlocks, it's possible his hair hasn't been washed for years! He's wearing some lovely brown boots, probably with steel toecaps, who knows what they could be used for?
2 Gypsies relax on a tatty maroon sofa, there's a furniture store just down the road, perhaps they could acquire a new one?   A blurred shot of two of the gypsies.
One of the Gypsies reaches into his luxury house on wheels, perhaps reaching for a lighter, knitting needles, some sun cream, or maybe even the bible!    

19th March 2005:Crane gone!
Todays 'Gypsy watch' was a quick drive past the area.
The green vehicle equipped with the crane has now gone.
The wood they had been collecting yesterday must have been very valuable so they've taken it away to sell.
21st March 2005:The Gypsies have left.
Sady, the Burgess Hill Uncovered 'Gypsy watch' has been short-lived as the Gypsies have left their spot.
Quite often, the Gypsies find a new site within the area, so this entertaining feature may be able to last a little longer.