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The Burgess Hill Summer Festival 2004

Bright FM provided some wonderful party games throughout the afternoon, dragging people from the crowd to take part.
Everyone taking part received some sweets. Lucky Lucky Lucky!
One event not pictured is the doughnut eating game, Mr Ali Magness and the BHU webmaster teamed up for the contest and received an almighty roar from the crowd when the Bright FM dj's asked the crowd to choose the winner by cheering for who they thought were best. A truly magical moment in my life.

The cracker challenge is about to begin, the woman in mauve
looks as though she has already eaten 50 packets in training!
This girls cheeks are puffed out like a Hamster, someone should tell her she has to swallow the crackers, not store them for the winter!
  Hector Gwenne and his partner didn't understand the rules and were both eating the crackers, even hiding some under their tops to claim they had eaten the most!
Next up was the battle between the bright bods and CJ's playland. The first to eat 2 crackers wins!   The Bright Bods may be smiling, but they were convincingly defeated by the girls from CJ's
Four pairs of people, one roll of toilet paper each, the first pair to wrap all of the toilet roll around their partner would win. Who comes up with these thrilling games?   The mother of the middle pair is so ashamed of her son that she used the game as a perfect excuse to cover his face!


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