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The Burgess Hill Uncovered Guide To The Future Development Of Burgess Hill

A new business park, a centre for sporting excellence, new schools, community buildings, improved public transport, more leisure facilities and a revamped town centre. The cost to Burgess Hill? A mere 6,000+ new homes built on green field sites.

Sound fair? Not when you discover that Burgess Hill are taking the majority of new houses for the entire district.

Have the district council really forced these homes on our town or have our very own councillors volunteered to take them as they play a real-life game of 'Sim City'?

Key Burgess Hill Development Resources
Burgess Hill Development
Burgess Hill Development - Reading List
If you want to get clued up on what's happening with the development of Burgess Hill, then why not have a read of all the documents and plans that we've collected together. It's no 'Fifty shades of grey' but will leave you flustered!

Burgess Hill Action Group
The Burgess Hill Action Group - www.burgesshillactiongroup.co.uk
Thankfully there are Burgess Hill residents who aren't prepared to sit back and let this disproportionate overdevelopment of our town sneak by unchallenged. If you care about our town's future, get involved with the action group.

Latest Development News
Burgess Hill Town Development Public Meeting Recording
Audio: Packed-Out Public Meeting Gets Heated!!
1st October 2012 - Town Council Leader Andrew Barrett-Miles fielded questions from the angry Burgess Hill public who demanded answers on why our town is taking an unfair proportion of development in the district. A full report and audio recording is available for download.

burgess hill development public meeting
Public Meeting - What Did We Learn?
2nd October 2012 - A list of ten things that we learnt from the public meeting regarding the 6,000+ new homes proposed for Burgess Hill.

burgess hill town centre development
Latest Plans For Town Centre Revealed
27th September 2102 - A new supermarket and cinema are high priority for town centre developers. We give you a run down on what NewRiver Retail presented to the 'Better Mid Sussex Advisory Group'

Burgess Hill Assault Attack
Is the new town centre one big con?
25th August 2012 - Burgess Hill has to take 4,000+ new homes but we'll get a new town centre to compensate. Not from the plans that have been released this week.

Burgess Hill Development
What's going to happen to Cyprus Road car park?
8th July 2012- Three different plans have been proposed for Cyprus Road car park, two of which include the demolition of the Orion cinema. However a recent change of plans spells good news for film lovers. Read this story for more information!

Burgess Hill Neighbourhood Plan Consultation
Neighbourhood Plan Consultation Begins
1st July 2012 - Residents have the chance to meet their town councillors to help shape the future of the town. You can tell them where you'd like new housing to go, which areas you'd like protected from development and which community buildings should be safe-guarded. Will they actually listen to our requests though?
Burgess Hill Town Development
Burgess Hill Town
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