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Burgess Hill skatefest 2004 logo

Greetings extreme sports fans!

Saturday June the 5th was the date of the second Burgess Hill Skatefest competition take place at
the St Johns skate park.

There were categories for In-line skaters, Skateboarders and BMX riders of different age groups.
Each competitor had a limited amount of time to show off their tricks and flicks in order to impress the panel of judges. The panel was made up of some 'experts' along with members of the Mid Sussex District Council Leisure Rangers, what they know about extreme sports is beyond me!

A packed crowd of all ages turned out for the event and were treated to a great show of entertainment as Burgess Hill's finest battled it out to become champion of there respective deciplines.

Burgess Hill Uncovered were on hand to snap the best of the action and were fortunate enough to capture the video footage of the incident that everybody was left talking about!


We have 24 action photos from the event for you to enjoy.
View the Skate Fest 2004 pictures now!
Exclusive Video Footage!!!!
Burgess Hill has another legend to add to it's short list. His name is Dave White.
This man laughs in the face of danger and high risk moves.
At Skatefest 2004 he wanted to please the crowd with one final trick.
Right-hand click the link and choose 'save taget as..'
to save the file to your hard-drive, and believe me, you'll want to so that you can watch it over and over again! (302kb)

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