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Burgess Hill Gypsy Watch - Summer 2012

For the second year in a row, travellers have come to visit Burgess Hill in August.

In 2011 there were around 5 caravans. In 2012 the number is closer to 50! It's believed that this is the same group that have been moving around Brighton for the past month where they most notably caused problems for the residents of Saltdean.

13th August 2012:First Sighting!

At around 6pm, a member of the Burgess Hill Uncovered Facebook Page asked if there were travellers at Fairfield Rec.

A quick walk over to the recreaction ground and we spotted a collection of caravans in the west field, lots of men were standing next to the footpath that runs through both fields. Many traveller children were enjoying the facilities of the children's play area.

On returning to the BHU offices we discovered an update on Facebook informing us that the travellers had taken a chainshaw to the hedge by the footpath. Vehicles suddenly began streaming through into the east field thanks to the extra wide opening the travellers had created.

Within minutes the east field began to fill up with the traveller's vehicles

More and more vehicles were arriving via the broken fence off of Royal George Road.
This caused them to spill out onto the football pitch.

There had to be around 50 caravans along with many pick-up trucks, vans and 4x4's.
According to Facebook, the Travellers were backed-up all the way to Tesco Express, waiting to gain entry to Fairifield Rec.

Even the youngsters have their own transport.
Check out the quad bike! Vroooom!

Sussex Police were in attendance. Three police cars were parked outside St Edwards Church while other officers were engaged in conversation with the travellers in the east field.

Late on Monday evening the following was posted on Twitter...
"Reports of attempted thefts tonight in Burgess Hill - ladders and motorbike off the London Road.
Please make sure all is well locked up."

What a coincidence! All those travellers in Fairfield Rec and property nearby is targeted.

In August 2011 there was another coincidence when the travellers were in town as both the Burgess Hill Boys Club and the Cherry Tree Activity Centre (both next to Fairfeld Rec) were broken into. The damage and theft of items totalled well over £3000, this included the theft of lead from the roof and laptops and other equipment from the I.T suite.

Will we get any confirmed thefts in the Fairfield Rec area of Burgess Hill while the Travellers are here this year? Rember folks, it'll just be a coincidence though!

When the Travellers do finally leave Fairfield Rec - either of their own accord, or via an eviction notice from MSDC - will they leave Farifield Rec how they found it like considerate people or will there be a huge clean-up bill that the taxpayers will have to foot?

Keep your eyes peeled and your properties secure.

To be continued.....

15th August 2012: Travellers evicted from Fairfield recreaction ground @5pm

A section 61 order from the Police resulted in the Travellers being evicted just 50 hours after they first arrived at Fairfield Rec. The final caravan left shortly after 7pm.

Instantly some local residents began to clean up the huge amount of disgusting rubbish left behind by the unwelcome visitors.

15th August 2012:Hello Hurstpierpoint @7pm

After a failed attempted to gain entry onto the Worlds End recreation ground at Janes Lane, Burgess Hill, the travellers drove along the A2300, headed south through Goddards Green and forced their way onto the Court Bushes Recreaction Ground in Hurstpierpoint!

21st August 2012:Moving To Hassocks

On Tuesday evening the Police enforced a court order and the Travellers had to move on from Hurstpierpoint. They drove just a few miles east and took over the recreaction ground off Belmont Close in Hassocks.

This is getting so silly now.

For all the latest Traveller news, join the 2,000+ local residents on our Facebook Page

29th August 2012:Travellers Return to Burgess Hill

On Wednesday evening, the travellers moved from the London Road Recreaction Ground in Hassocks and drove all of one mile up the road, back to Burgess Hill!

They have set up camp in the fields behind Nightingale Lane, gaining entry via a metal gate on the London Road. It is thought that the convoy once again consists of around 50 vehicles.

All the effort to get them out of Burgess Hill exactly two weeks ago, yet they are free to return in a different location within the town. The laws needs changing, and fast!

For all the latest Traveller news, join the 2,000+ local residents on our Facebook Page

30th August 2012:My Little Pony!

The current crop of travellers at Nightingale Lane have some new members among their ranks because a pony was never spotted at Fairfield Recreaction ground!

The Travellers should think about offering some Pony rides, why else would they own a Pony?

Thank you to the very brave member of the public that sent us the photos.

5th September 2012: The rubbish left behind, an update from Cuckfield.

The District Council wasted little time in sending the workers along to clean up the mess left by the travellers in the fields behind Nightingale Lane. This was the scene at 10am...

A source has confirmed that there is a large contingent of Travellers at Whitemans Green, Cuckfield.
The Travellers have been taking advantage of the customer toilet at the Esso petrol station. There has already been one suspected theft of a packet of biscuits by a young Traveller.
One Traveller asked a staff member for directions to Henfield. Is that their next move?

6th September 2012: Goodbye Cuckfield, Hello Clayton!

Sussex Police issued the Travellers with a section 61 eviction notice to leave Whitemans Green, Cuckfield yesterday.

It was then reported that some of the Travellers had gained entry to a field in Hickmans Lane, Lindfield. However, the police managed to move them on in a very short space of time. Residents on Facebook are wondering why Lindfield received 'special treatment'?

At around 8:20pm we here at BHU happened to spot them driving back through Burgess Hill and followed the convoy all the way to Clayton where they gained entry to the recreaction ground.

There are lots of lovely big houses right next to the recreaction ground. Just saying.

The following photograph was sent to us by residents in the cuckfield area who went to Whitemans Green at 10am to help clean up the rubbish left by the travellers.

For all the latest Traveller news, join the 2,000+ local residents on our Facebook Page

7th September 2012: Cleaning Up At Whitemans Green

The photograph was sent to us by residents in the Cuckfield area who went to Whitemans Green at 10am to help clean up the rubbish left by the travellers.

For all the latest Traveller news, join the 2,000+ local residents on our Facebook Page

13th September 2012: Off To Brighton

It has been reported that the Travellers have finally left Mid Sussex and are now back in Brighton, Carden Avenue to be precise.

Talk to us - What do you think of the lovely Travellers being back in Burgess Hill?
Have you noticed any suspicious activity? Should the council have learnt from last year and made entry to the Recreaction ground much harder?

Let us know your opinions either by leaving a comment below or by emailing us


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