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Burgess Hill Uncovered >> Elections >> Burgess Hill Town Council Election Candidates

2023 Burgess Hill Town Council Election Candidates

burgess hill town council 2023 elections

In total, 20 councillors will sit on Burgess Hill Town Council - an increase from the 18 elected in 2019.

The town has seen the creation of two new wards due to the emergence of the 'Northern Arc' they will be called Brookleigh East and Brookleigh West.

Four wards have merged into two. Norman ward is no more and has become part of Victoria ward and will elect three councillors. Meeds and Hammonds have combined, electing two councillors.

The town council election takes place on Thursday May 4th.

The full list of the candidates running for election on to Burgess Hill Town Council:

Brookleigh West - Elects One Councillor
Toby Dawson Conservative
Jonathan Bryant Green Party
Stuart Condie Liberal Democrats

Dunstall Ward - Elects Two Councillors
Mustak Miah Conservative
Christine Mucklestone Conservative
Pam Haigh Labour
Diane Black Liberal Democrats
Peter Williams Liberal Democrats

Franklands Ward - Elects Three Councillors
Philip Beck Conservative
Claire Fussell Conservative
Tobias Parker Conservative
Andy Stowe Independent
Graham Allen Liberal Democrats
David Eggleton Liberal Democrats
Janice Henwood Liberal Democrats

Gatehouse - Elects One Councillor
Adam White Conservative
Heather Salisbury Green Party

Leylands Ward - Elects Three Councillors
Diane Heckles Conservative
Colin Holden Conservative
Steven Mucklestone Conservative
Anne Eves Green Party
Simon Hicks Liberal Democrats
Mohammad Hossain Liberal Democrats

Meeds & Hammonds Ward - Elects Two Councillors
Cherry Catharine Conservative
Elizabeth White Conservative
Sean Kelly Independent
Robert Eggleston Liberal Democrats
Tofojjul Hussain Liberal Democrats

St Andrews Ward - Elects Three Councillors
Jeremy Catharine Conservative
Mark Scholfield Conservative
Antony Smith Conservative
Matthew Cornish Green Party
Ray Woods Independent
Joanne Rodway Labour
Rebecca Sinnatt Labour
Christine Cherry Liberal Democrats
Cedric De Souza Liberal Democrats

St Johns Ward - Elects One Councillor
David Hutcheon Conservative
Richard Cherry Liberal Democrats

Victoria Ward - Elects Three Councillors
Liz Kelly Conservative
Billy Lee Conservative
Martin Willcock Conservative
Yann Davies Independent
Matthew Goldsmith Liberal Democrats
John Orchard Liberal Democrats
Brenda Williams Liberal Democrats

2019 Councillor Numbers for Burgess Hill Town Council
Liberal Democrats: 11
Greens: 4
Conservatives: 2
Independent: 1

Standing Down
Peter Chapman (Independent) Victoria
Lee Gibbs (Lib Dem) Victoria
Andrew Barrett-Miles (Conservative) Gatehouse
Sylvia Neumann (Green) Norman
Robert Duggan (Green) Franklands
Max Nielsen (Lib Dem) Leylands
Sarah Lawrence (Lib Dem) Hammonds
Joseph Foster (Lib Dem) Meeds
Roger Cartwright (Lib Dem) St Andrews
Kathy Willis (Lib Dem) St Andrews

The elections are coming! Let people know about their local candidates.


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