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Burgess Hill Uncovered >> Elections >> West Sussex County Councill Election Candidates

2021 Burgess Hill Candidates For West Sussex County Council Elections

The West Sussex County Council election takes place on Thursday 6th May 2021.

West Sussex County Council is made up of 70 councillors.

4 of these councillors represent parts of Burgess Hill.

Residents can vote for one candidate in their division.

These are the candidates standing for election:

Burgess Hill East
Anne Jones Conservative
Ann Pearce Green Party
Sue Jex Labour
Richard Cherry Liberal Democrats
Terance Gibbs Reform UK

Burgess Hill North
Andrew Barrett-Miles Conservative
Bob Foster Green Party
Pam Haigh Labour
Stuart Condie Liberal Democrats

Hassocks & Burgess Hill South
Alexander Simmons Conservative
Fred Burns Labour
Kirsty Lord Liberal Democrats

Hurstpierpoint & Bolney
Joy Dennis Conservative
Nick Dearden Green Party
Alison Whelan Labour
Fiona Jackson Liberal Democrats
Baron Von Thunderclap Monster Raving Loony Party

The current political composition of West Sussex County Council is:
  • Conservative: 50
  • Liberal Democrat: 8
  • Labour: 4
  • Independent Conservative: 2
  • Independent members: 4
  • Vacancies: 2

All four of the current sitting councillors representing parts of Burgess Hill are seeking re-election: Anne Jones (con); Andrew Barrett-Miles (con); Kirsty Lord (lib); Joy Dennis (con).

With the Lib Dems winning the majority of the seats in the 2019 town and district elections in the Burgess Hill area, it's set to be a very interesting battle on May 6th, where some high-profile, long-standing Conservative councillors could be under threat.

The elections are coming! Let people know about their local candidates.


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